In the years since I started at NASA Goddard as a summer intern, I have put my astrophysics degree to work communicating about NASA missions both big (the giant infrared James Webb Space Telescope) and small (the Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer).  I have: written extensively about astrophysics; podcasted and blogged; created educational games; developed websites; mentored interns; talked to VIPs and tour groups, run social media accounts and events - all to help bring NASA science to the public and to educators. Currently I'm the social media lead and website manager for the James Webb Space Telescope, which I love talking about because it’s awesome, and not just because it’s my job! Outside of work, I have written science fiction short stories (currently on a hiatus), I play guitar and sing in a local band (currently on a pandemic hiatus), and am working on my fluency in Norwegian. I'm an IVF mom to a 5-year-old, and a breast cancer survivor.  I'm an open book on all of these things!

Me with the James Webb Space Telescope

(The photo in the background of this site was taken by Bill Hrybyk at the 2015 Explore @ NASA Goddard event. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to don a bunny suit and go inside the cleanroom to answer questions from the public about JWST. I'm the one at right with my arms open in a V!)