Professional Highlights

Here are some professional highlights and cool things I've done or gotten to do at my job.

- In November 2016, I organized an event for artists to come see JWST, and be inspired to create... right in front of it! It was such a cool experience, and we had such talented artists.   Here's a NASA Tumblr post summarizing the event, as well as a Wakelet (formerly a Storify - also, it's in reverse order).   More photos from the event, and of the art are on Flickr.

The art created by the artists that visited us was on display at the NASA Goddard Visitor Center Spring/Summer of 2017. This exhibit was a lot of work, but was so worth it - the art is so amazing! We have a web gallery of it online here:  

Outdoor Painting Magazine did a feature on the event and one of the artists. Tattoodo also did an interview with me and one of the artists. One of our artists did an interview with Lateral Magazine. And one did an interview with
The art was mentioned on AmericaSpace and CNN.
 I (and several artists) were interviewed by CBS Baltimore:

I (and one of our artists) did a 5 minute liveshot on Fox DC:

I wrote this piece on the exhibit for

We are also having people online share their own #JWSTart. You can check those out on Wakelet and Flickr and on the JWST website.

An exhibit of a subset of the art happened this summer at Art.Science.Gallery in Austin, TX. The exhibit got a really nice review in the Austin Chronicle. I was able to be there to speak at the exhibit opening.

The art project even got a mention in this CNN article about the mission!

- I spent the afternoon reporting on JWST facing towards the cleanroom window for the first time ever, and also helped organize a last minute group photo in the mirror. See the Flickr Pool of photos from the day, and a Wakelet of the day I made.

Credit: John Mather
That's me! (far left)
A pano I took of JWST facing the cleanroom window. That's Nasreen photographing us watching. 

Below is what Nasreen captured from her position in the panorama photo above.  You can see me crouching in front taking photos! Truly an amazing day.

- I helped out with a Planetary Society video shoot with Bill Nye the Science Guy and Star Trek's Robert Picardo.  Video is here. (Watch til the very end, there's a funny little stinger scene.)

Credit: Mallory Ambrose, Bill Nye (inset)
- I talked to actor John Barrowman about JWST when he visited NASA Goddard.

Credit: John Barrowman
- I organized a panel (NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: The Storytellers) at AwesomeCon 2016.

Credit: Maha Alkhateeb
- I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to don a bunny suit and go inside the cleanroom to answer questions from the public about JWST during Explore @NASA Goddard. (I'm the one at right.)
Credit: Bill Hrybyk
- I organized a big JWST NASA Social.

Credit: Bill Hrybyk
- I worked at the giant JWST exhibit we had for SXSW 2013.

Credit: Chris Gunn
- I met Neil deGrasse Tyson when he visited!

Credit: Rebecca Roth
- Here's a feature I wrote on the visit that the NASA Blueshift team took to the set of the CBS show, "The Big Bang Theory." Also: set photos, blog entries, podcast interview with the exec producer, Bill Prady, and interviews with the set decorator and prop master. We've had lots of the stuff we've brought/sent them appear on the sets of the show!

Sitting in Sheldon's spot
- I got to help out with the filming of a Late Night with Jimmy Fallon segment, "Hubble Gotchu". Blueshift behind-the-scenes blog and a follow-up.

- Actor Seth Green visited Goddard back in 2011 and I got to meet him! And there's video evidence! At 22 seconds in, you can see me telling Seth something about the centrifuge and he looks impressed.

-NASA Blueshift hosted "Fancy Fast Food" blogger Erik Trinidad who made this fun video about space food. I wrote up this feature (page 9, pdf) for Goddard View on the shoot.